Advanced Full Stack Software Development

Build professional projects with MongoDB, React, Node.js and take off your software development career.
About this course
Offline course, in bootcamp setup
300 hours of detailed course content
Self paced to be completed within 3 months
One-on-One mentorship
Portfolio & projects building
Paid Internship opportunity
100% job placement assistance
Mock interviews
Exposure working with live projects

About the course

This software development course will enable you to kickstart your tech career. This course is designed to match the latest offerings in MERN stack and will guide you to become a certified full stack developer within 3 months.

  • Offline

Course content

  • Intro to Programming and Coding essentials
  • Full stack development with MERN
  • Javascript (ECMAscript 2020+)
  • HTML / CSS / JS
  • Version control system and package managers
  • Frontend development with React.js
  • Advanced react concepts (hooks, redux, tailwind)
  • Building apps in Next.js
  • Building APIs with express.js
  • Database design and architecture with NoSQL
  • Test driven development
  • CI/CD automation and testing concepts
  • Microservices
  • Building scalable applications with Docker
  • Data structures and Algorithms
  • Introduction to System design

Course prerequisites :

  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Understanding of basic web architecture
  • Coding fundamentals
  • HTML/CSS basics

Current average annual salaries of Full Stack Software Development Professionals in India:

Job Position Average Annual Salary
Entry-Level / Junior Full-Stack Developer (L1 to L3) INR 5 LPA - INR 6.50 LPA per year
Mid-Level Full-Stack Developer (L4 to L5) INR 10.5 LPA - INR 12 LPA per year
Senior Full-Stack Developer (L6) INR 14.5 LPA - INR 16 LPA per year
Director (L7) INR 22 LPA - INR 25 LPA per year
CTO (L8) INR 30 LPA - INR 36 LPA per year
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360 hr. Course Materials
100% Placement Assistance
Mock Interview
Paid Internship and Live Projects